Mapping of documents

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From time to time we need a set of information, here a set of templates, for a particular purpose. This set we call 'document', which not necessarily is on paper or screen, but can also be in the form of a file.

This topic explains a way to model such a document in ISO 15926-8 format.


We start with a rather larger graph, that tells the following story:

  • There is an ISA Valve Specification with document number SP-21-014 (template for numbering not shown)
  • SP-21-014 has a Line #83 "Hydro Pressure"
  • that Line #83 has an information content that is classified as: 'Line in Instrument Specification', 'English', and 'ASCII'
  • that information content consist of three interrelated templates that are, one-by-one a member of an EnumeratedSetOfClass (only one template is shown).

Graph 'Valve Specification SP-21-014 has Line #83 'Hydro Pressure' that is defined with three templates'


The above graph could be combined in a TIP , but ultimately that TIP decomposes in the templates shown in the graph. Since there will be as many instances of this graph as there are Lines in the specification, it helps to group these templates in Named Graphs. This is shown below.


The classification template is not shown.

{:G0744E9E0FDC9422399BC5870AF4F4A76} # the 'default graph', being the graph for the entire specification

:G7E19E051E50D42A688AA1FE671CB2F04 # graph name


:TDDB894A163FE439EABF1B5641DAEC1D4 rdf:type tpl:ClassOfCompositionDefinition ;

    tpl:hasClassOfWhole :SP-21-104 ;

    tpl:hasClassOfPart :SP-21-014_line-83 ;

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfWhole rdl:RDS3498322 ; # 1:1

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfPart rdl:RDS3498322 ; # 1:1

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:TE96C3E1D300D414FB72624E0B9DE5986 rdf:type tpl:RepresentationOfClassOfIndividual ;

    tpl:hasRepresented :SP-21-014_line-83 ;

    tpl:hasContentType rdl:RDS3983492 ; # LINE IN INSTRUMENT SPECIFICATION

    tpl:hasLanguage rdl:RDS43166358190 ; # ENGLISH

    tpl:hasRepresentationForm rdl:RDS4383402 ; # ASCII

    tpl:valRepresentation :C22A9D955E374270849E995C9D26EAA3 ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:T3BD9C983645543448C5751426787C6F1 rdf:type tpl:DefinitionOfClassOfInformationRepresentationWithTemplateSet ;

    tpl:hasRepresented :C22A9D955E374270849E995C9D26EAA3 ;

    tpl:hasTemplateSet :CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 rdf:type dm:EnumeratedSetOfClass ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:TCC0D43C09A1F408D925230FA04912800 rdf:type tpl:EnumerationOfClass ;

    tpl:hasSet :CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 ;

    tpl:hasMember xyz:T69309565 ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:T2FE528CE814A41AC9E073973875F30E5 rdf:type tpl:EnumerationOfClass ;

    tpl:hasSet :CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 ;

    tpl:hasMember xyz:T69309566 ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


:T4DB0EA79F6C548ADA6ACABFAC6C11DD7 rdf:type tpl:EnumerationOfClass ;

    tpl:hasSet :CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 ;

    tpl:hasMember xyz:T69309567 ;

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-10-16T00:00:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


The last three template instances classify the three templates, shown below, as members of the instance of EnumeratedSetPOfClass :CAB542A6F4EDD4222A25671A069A2E390 :

xyz:T69309565 a tpl:ClassOfParticipationDefinition ;

    tpl:hasActivityType xyz:CO_ACT-439830 ;                             # subClassOf of HYDROSTATIC TESTING

    tpl:hasParticipantType xyz:CO_FV-101 ;                              # subClassOf of PRESSURE-RATED ARTEFACT

    tpl:hasParticipantRole rdl:RDS4398439 ;                             # TESTED

    tpl:hasDefined xyz:CD33C3991F7284D69BFFBFD23B19C3104 ;

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfActivity rdl:RDS3498322 ;                       # 1:1

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfParticipant rdl:RDS3498322 ;                    # 1:1

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-07-20T13:45:00+00:00"^^xsd:dateTime .


xyz:T69309566 a tpl:ClassOfParticipationDefinition ;

    tpl:hasActivityType xyz:CO_ACT-439830 ;

    tpl:hasParticipantType xyz:C0744E9E0FDC9422399BC5870AF4F4A76 ;      # subClassOf of rdl:RDS6815550 (LIGHT OIL)

    tpl:hasParticipantRole rdl:RDS3498737 ;                             # TEST FLUID

    tpl:hasDefined xyz:C9B1EA8BC376A44CA9E1F19C7F9060817 ;

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfActivity rdl:RDS3498322 ;                       # 1:1

    tpl:hasCardinalityOfParticipant rdl:RDS3498322 ;                    # 1:1

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-07-20T13:45:00+00:00"^^xsd:dateTime .


xyz:T69309567 a tpl:ClassOfIndividualHasIndirectPropertyWithValue ;

    tpl:hasPossessorType xyz:C0744E9E0FDC9422399BC5870AF4F4A76 ;        # subClassOf of rdl:RDS6815550 (LIGHT OIL)

    tpl:hasIndirectPropertyType rdl:RDS361349 ;                         # HYDROSTATIC TEST PRESSURE

    tpl:valPropertyValue "100"^^xsd:decimal ;

    tpl:hasScale rdl:RDS1348874 ;                                       # BAR GAUGE

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2014-07-20T13:45:00+00:00"^^xsd:dateTime .

Default Graph

The 'default graph' shall contain the missing declarations and other templates (e.g. the ClassificationOfClassofIndividual template in the top of the graph), so that this default graph is a self-contained document.

Graph Display

The image below shows how this graph can be displayed graphically, with links to all data: