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 Information about the 15926 projects 
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After one week of usage some annoying bugs fixed in a 1.31 release. You can download it from

Interruption of time-consuming operations is working fine now. Please import or create anew any templates you've created with ver. 1.3, definitions weren't compliant to Part 8 OWL requirements.

As a bonus features you can now drag-n-drop project description files to change your project environment and explore template roles as properties in RDF/OWL environment.

Thu Sep 19, 2013 12:43 pm
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Joined: Mon Feb 27, 2012 11:01 pm
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You can download it from

The most interesting feature of our new release is a spreadsheet adapter. Its target data model is described with patterns using available reference data (classes and templates). Mapping from spreadsheet data model (column structure) to patterns is established in a convenient table interface, and adapter transforms spreadsheet data to ISO 15926 compliant RDF. Data processing capabilities of MS Excel allow to work with the complicated data base exports, smoothly bringing relational data to Semantic Web domain.

We pan to demonstrate new mapping functionality of the Editor, together with our solution for Linked Data (not released yet) at the Hakathon Event of Ontology Summit 2014 (see earlier announcement here).

As template and pattern sets are approved by the community, we will be publishing corresponding pattern libraries for mapping in the Editor environment.

From this release several data verification tests are built in the Editor. Basic compliance to data model restrictions (as defined by Part 2 and template definitions) is verified for relational entities. Typing and classification verification is implemented across the project, to facilitate this disjointness and membership restriction inheritance was inferred for Part 2 type tree.

Many important improvements in usability include local URI search, new pattern-based "engineering" data view, built-in UUID support for data entities created in the Editor, and direct access to UUID generator. It is now much easier to work on complex data projects with project-wide property and module name management.

The Editor can read Turtle files now.

Documentation was rearranged into several volumes for ease of use, and complete Russian interface is now included in the Editor to demonstrate its potential for localization.

Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:46 pm
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You can download it from

Everything new in this release is about patterns.

The Editor finally acquired a visual pattern editor with search
capabilities. No more fiddling with Python dictionaries. Pattern
libraries are rendered as data sources, patterns are built on-screen
by referencing to comprising templates, linking variables are
highlighted for easy understanding of pattern structure. New open JSON
format is used for patterns now, we're inviting all interested parties
to continue discussions on RDF format to represent patterns as
reference data (viewtopic.php?f=3&t=222).

The Editor allows import of patterns from IIP TIP Manger database,
performing in the process generic pattern discovery and doing some

Pattern use in mapping is illustrated by an adapter prototyping demo.
One plant process flow diagram (represented by spreadsheets exported
from an engineering tool of a major vendor) is analysed and mapped to
ISO 15926. The mapping uses patterns to model project items' relations
and to describe spreadsheet structure. Complete sample data with
walk-through guide are included with the documentation.

Three new ways to do data visualization and reporting are included
with this release:

- open-source Linked Data extension packaged with web engine allows
user to start her own Linked Data server, delivering rich
pattern-based representation of project and reference data (including
PCA RDL data) with semantic search;

- pattern-based export to spreadsheets for simple RDF-to-table data

- basic graph export allows to visualize topology of a system in .xgml
format supported by free graph editors.

The Editor facilitates pattern-based access to APIs of external
databases and services; sample adapter to Google Maps' API
( illustrates these new

Turtle format is now fully supported, you can save .ttl files.

It is a beta release mainly because not all the documentation was
updated. See \documentation\dot15926AdapterSample.pdf file for guide
to new features.

Thu Jul 24, 2014 9:07 am
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1. Some time ago we have made a new release of .15926 Editor – 1.5beta release 3. You can download it from .

Version 1.5 remains in beta, but release 3 is an important one because of changes and improvements made to the Platform's Builder component and mapping engine. Also some bugs reported by beta testers were fixed in the new release.

The Builder and the mapping engine were significantly improved during the work on the Use Case 2 of the "Capturing Equipment Data Requirements Using ISO 15926 and Assessing Conformance" (EDRC) project run by FIATECH. See more information about the EDRC project at ... 3_2013.pdf . The demo was presented to the 2014 FIATECH Member Meeting in September 2014.

The demo is comprised of two parts. The EPC contractor's part (RFQ preparation and Manufacturer's RFQ reply processing) requires Aucotec Engineering Base software ( You can see this part of the demo on the video from Aucotec channel.

New functionality of the Editor allows us to run an adapter service which communicates with specialized engineering software and converts its native data to ISO 15926 compliant RDF. The mapping is described in terms of template signature pattern for the data model of the application, comprised of template information patterns for individual properties and relations. Adapter service can be started and managed from an engineering application using its own extension APIs and programming languages.

If you are an Engineering Base user – please contact us to get a sample ISO 15926 adapter.

The second part of the demo runs on the Manufacturer's side and was prepared with the help of Emerson team participating in the EDRC project. It consists of contractors' RFQ processing and preparation of a reply using spreadsheet form and Manufacturer's own catalogue RDL. Video recording of this part can be seen on our channel at .

The step-by-step guide and data allowing you to reproduce Manufacturer's part of the demo can be downloaded from .

2. With almost all intended functionality of the .15926 Platform successfully implemented, we've decided to open the source code to ease development of applications for it.

You can get the code from the repository at by downloading the archive or cloning the repository using Git client. Instructions to start the software and the list of required Python packages are in the project wiki ... pendencies .

The code is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 . It means that the Platform can be used as a part of a proprietary or commercial product. Of course we'll welcome more contributors, please ask for commiter's rights.

Compiled versions are still available from . Both stable 1.43 and experimental 1.5beta versions are available. Today the code published in the repository corresponds to the 1.5beta version.

Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:43 am
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