The Ontology-based standards initiative

Any question or remarks about the 15926
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The Ontology-based standards initiative

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A new semantic web special interest group has emerged, the "Ontology-based standards" initiative.
They run web meetings from this address.
The subscription method is found under section Team Workspace: Discussion List, Archives, File-Share Workspace.

Obviously the ISO 15926 is an Ontology-based standard and so they have officially invited "us" through Anatoly Levenshuk.
Peter Yim wrote: Further to the discussion towards the end of the 2nd session (Thu 2012.11.08) of the OnytologyBasedStandards mini-series, ref. (Thu 2012.11.08) ... 08#nid3HZM

Alex Shkotin suggested we engage the ISO 15926 folks, and Anatoly Levenchuk (being a part of that community) has agreed to help us follow-up on the matter. Anatoly has promptly sent a message to that effect (thanks, Anatoly!), which I am forwarding below, so we can have an open conversation on the matter here on this list.

To the ISO 15926 folks ... (on behalf of the initiative) may I take the opportunity to invite you to join us in this collaboration to over the Ontology-based Standards agenda forward. ... Besides a virtual session featuring some of the latest developments in your Standards work, what other forms of collaboration can be effective (as far as this Initiative is concerned,) now that we have a growing list of collaborators? ... I realize Anatoly has suggested some in his message (below) already.

Thanks & regards. =ppy
Anatoly Levenchuk wrote: Dear Onno and Ian,
Just now was ended 2nd online session of Ontology-based Standards mini-series ( ... 2012_11_08). At the end of this session it was questions about work of ISO 15926 community. I guess that Onno and Ian can give to ontologists community short presentations on current work for formal ISO 15926 development (ISO process) and methodology and maintenance efforts of JORD project of PCA and FIATECH.

Especially it was requested for brief Part 8 (mapping to OWL) review.
Similar initiative (usage OWL like tools exchange format for OMG SBVR ontology with attempt to preserve richness of SBVR) was mentioned in today's session -- ... 121108.pdf from slide 17.

But I think that people in ontology community can be interested in our effort to move to high-level ontology representations (from Part 2 graphs to templates, then to patterns and declaring mappings as a first class artifacts).

Special interest of general ontology community can be to concept of WIP (work-in-progress with slow ISO standardization and quick industry-level standardization).

I think that you can tell also about multiple tools that support ISO 15926 and examples of usage of it by industry, this is not "dead language"!

Sorry, I already write too much to present :-) Sure, you can tell about all that you consider important about ISO 15926 and ignore my suggestions. May be Victor and Matthew can add something.

I guess that Peter Yim will arrange all logistics of this ISO and JORD standardization efforts presentations to ontologists community.
Please, reply to him.

Best regards,
I realize this is just adding to our heavy workload. But I think joining this is important.

The next session is not announced yet. But I would like "us" to give a presentation there. Let's discuss the topics that we want to share, and the ways we could collaborate.

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