How to get a list of Mechanical Equipment types

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How to get a list of Mechanical Equipment types

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Open the online browser for the current JORD project
  • Hoover the Query list button, and select "Class by class designation"
  • In the String contained in designation box, type any search word. E.g. pump
  • Click the get results button.
  • The list shows all designation containing the word pump.
If you find the (singleton) word PUMP and click it, there is a list with subclasses. So all kinds of PUMPs.
Clicking the superclass PHYSICAL OBJECT, gives the highest point in the taxonomy for physical object types.

The JORD endpoint contains all classes the subject mater experts could come up with. A subset of it is the ISO 15926-4 standardized classes. If you only want those, e.g. for use in a standard library of your engneering tool, you can also download the "Part 4 spreadsheets".

Download ISO 15926-4 spreadsheets:

For example mechanical equipment is subject area rotating_equipment, static_equipment and solid_handling

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