Adding Template definitions to Triple stores

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Adding Template definitions to Triple stores

#1 Post by arlaud »

The Geometry SIG is planning to upload the Template definitions it have made for Geometry and the additional ones being developed for Annotation etc to JORD Sandboxes but it is not clear how to do this.

The two aspects that advise is needed for are for addressing the Triple store:
i) what SPARQL commands are needed to add the individual triples to define a specific Template and each of its Roles
ii) is there a SPARQL command to load an OWL file that contains the definition of a Template and its Roles.

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Re: Adding Template definitions to Triple stores

#2 Post by OnnoPaap »

As defined in ISO 15926-8 the base/core templates are located in the p7tpl namespace (we are changing namespace URIs so I can't give you the http name yet).

On this website we have a option "online tools" in the menu. Go there and select "template specs lists".

This is the complete list (we think it is complete) of the base/core templates.
If you have the right permissions (I gave you permissions Adrian) you will see buttons like "new" and "edit". That is the template specs editor.

You are right that geometry isn't on in the list yet. I would like to suggest that you add them.

Many things can go wrong with this. I would like to ask you to add only one template. Which we will check, and give you feedback before you upload the rest. For example, it must have a first order logic axiom that is checked in the template expander. Further more, we have other tools to check with. One from NIST, one from Techinvestlab. And eventually iRING.

Information on template specs:
  • Each template has its own xml file. This file relates to an xsl that formats the page in html. If you right-click and select show source, you will see xml.
  • There is a link at the top of the list "Download consolidated OWL file". This generates the p7tpl owl file, whci can be used to upload the templates e.g. in a JORD sandbox.
  • Each template has a group and an aspect.
    • The group can be one of:

      Code: Select all

      'TP'=>'Temporal part',
      'WI'=>'Whole-life individual'
      Your's will all be Geometry.
    • The aspect is one of:

      Code: Select all

      'EXIST' =>'Existence',
      'REPR'  =>'Representation',
      'IDENT' =>'Identification',
      'DESCR' =>'Description',
      'DEFN'  =>'Definition',
      'CLSIF' =>'Classification & Specialization',
      'STRUC' =>'Structure',
      'LOCTN' =>'Location',
      'FUNC'  =>'Function/Behaviour/Skill',
      'PTYST' =>'Property & Status',
      'COPTY' =>'Class of Property',
      'INDPTY'=>'Indirect Property',
      'TIME'  =>'Event & Time',
      'SHAPE' =>'Shape',
      'MATL'  =>'Material',
      'NUMB'  =>'Number',
      'ACTIV' =>'Activity',
      'STRM'  =>'Stream',
      'DOCS'  =>'Documents & InformationRepresentation',
      'OTHRL' =>'Other Relationship',
      'CLSRL' =>'Relationships between Classes'
  • The "file name" you give when you make a "new" template comprises of these codes. For example the file name of the ClassOfParticipationDefinition template must be CL-ACTIV-01.xml to make it work.
  • If you have it (I know you don't but we will discuss it) the first order logic code (see ISO 15926-7) must be tested in the template expander. This is also under online tools.

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Re: Adding Template definitions to Triple stores

#3 Post by vvagr »


Communication structure in 15926 community is becoming complex (it never was simple as far as I understand). I'm afraid you will not get a response on JORD sandboxes here at forums. JORD/PCA team is stressing that you have to fill a ticket through PCA site on all sandbox related questions.

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