Template defined and used are different

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Hongsong Wang
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Template defined and used are different

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I find that the template PropertyRangeOfClassOfIndividualWithPointValue used in Mapping of a Line List(http://www.infowebml.ws/mapping/line-li ... rature.htm) is not the same as template spec(http://15926.org/templatespecs/CL-COPTY-06.xml). The graph of the former looks older than that of the latter. Why are there a little of differences?

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Re: Template defined and used are different

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The list on Template specs is the master list.

The publications done will out-date eventually when the discussions are evolving the templates. So the infowebml.ws publications should be seen as a guide, while the template specs are always the latest version.

All templates on the template specs list have still the "proposed" status. They need approval of the MMT group. Which will be a process to go through.

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