How complete is ISO 15926?

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How complete is ISO 15926?

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I received the following message from Dave Lawton:
The capital project industry is in need of an integration standard. I am all for a global standards but to wait for a finished standard might not be practical.
I am not sure that 15926 will ever be complete enough to begin using in my lifetime.
Companies that are beginning to implement 15926 are finding missing schema that requires them to either wait for ISO or backfill with their own schema. This method does not create a global standard.

How complete is 15926?
From a license or regulatory perspective?

What effort would it take for Suppliers to implement ISO 15926 and what would be the cost to implement?
How does a company motivate Suppliers to implement ISO 15926?
Is there a status on the completion of 15926?
I would like to share my response.

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Re: How complete is ISO 15926?

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Hi David,

Thank you for your challenge. I think I understand your concerns and I will give you an honest answer (assuming that you prefer that over a nice answer).

ISO 15926 is built up from various parts. I will list them, along with their status in ISO and in the 15926 community:

Part 1: Overview and fundamental principles - International Standard, under periodical review

Part 2: Data model - International Standard, confirmed
Solid model, 6th NF, since 2003

Part 3: Reference data for geometry and topology - Technical Specification
A geometry workgroup, including CAD suppliers, is busy developing templates.

Part 4: Initial reference data - Technical Specification
In the JORD Project (, with many companies as sponsors, is streamlining the Reference Data Library.

Part 5: deleted

Part 6: Scope and representation for additional reference data - CD approved for registration as DIS
Mostly procedural/administrative.

Part 7: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems: Template methodology - Technical Specification
Part 8: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems: Web Ontology Language (OWL) implementation - Technical Specification
There are some 240 base templates that need formal approval, see
Mapping from application system data to templates is under discussion in the 15926 community.

Part 9: Implementation methods for the integration of distributed systems - Façade implementation - First draft.
Under Peer Review before formal entry for ISO ballot..

Part 10 – Validation of ISO 15926-9 Transfer Files - Rough concept, Work in Progress

Part 11: Simplified Industrial Usage of Reference Data, including Gellish Implementation - CD study/ballot initiated, Work in Progress

The data model is strictly generic and the domain flavor is given by the RDL (Reference Data Library). An instance of, for example, ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject can be a pump, or an airplane, or a toy, provided that you have built an RDL for equipment, aeronautics or toy manufacturing. We have one for the process industries (refineries, chemical plants, offshore platforms, etc). Also please read ... /index.htm

I assume, from what you wrote, that you are working for a supplier. After a learning curve, including learning how to model and writing an adapter for your computer system, I'd guess that you need 20 minutes of mapping time per data element. If so required I can work out a few examples with you at no charge. No strings attached.

I worked (almost) my entire working life for Fluor, and from that point of view I would take a supplier's capability to provide his data in 15926 format into consideration at bid review time. Simply because it will save you us a lot of money (not now, but in the near future).

Once we have Part 9 approved the implementation of Façades can start, then allowing us to build our networks (see attached). But you can start NOW with preparing yourself for the mapping of your data.

I hope this clarifies some.

typical configuration.png
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Re: How complete is ISO 15926?

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Hello Hans,
How is your work going? Would you please attach some data model mapping examples here?

Hongsong Wang

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Re: How complete is ISO 15926?

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Hello Hongsong,

Please see:
P&ID take-off - ... /index.htm
Mapping of a Line List -
Mapping lifecycle data - ... ntents.htm


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