Part 8 role declaration questions

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Part 8 role declaration questions

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As I've discovered, template roles are declared:

1. In Part8_sample_tpl.owl -- as owl:ObjectProperty or owl:DatatypeProperty and separately punned as owl:Thing. have human-readable URIs, some have labels also.

2. In template file downloaded from -- as owl:ObjectProperty or owl:DatatypeProperty only, no punning. No labels, just URIs.
<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:about="hasApprover" />
3. In p7tpl.owl -- as p7tpl:InitialSetTemplateRole and p7tpl:ProtoTemplateRole also, and as owl:Thing, punning again:
<owl:ObjectProperty rdf:about="#hasApproved">
<rdfs:subPropertyOf rdf:resource="#hasProtoTemplateObjectRoleFiller" />

<ProtoTemplateRole rdf:about="#hasApproved">
<rdf:type rdf:resource="" />
What declarations can we consider mandatory? Is punning required, if there are no additional statements? What is recommended, but not required for compliance?

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