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Tutorial, detailing 'ISO 15926 on a page'

Latest update
ISO 15926 Portal- An overview with references to topics below (and others) 11 Jan 2021
Management Summary
Management Summary about ISO 15926 - A summary in 644 words, highlighting what it is about
3 April 2019
Data and Information- How data are being grouped to represent information 25 Dec 2020
Data Model
ISO 15926-2 Foundation Model - an ISO-standard, highly generic, data model with 201 entity types that is the Top Level Ontology of ISO 15926 6 Feb 2015
ISO 15926-2 Model in Turtle format - where the Foundation Model is in Express format, here is the result of a mapping to Turtle 7 Nov 2016
ISO 15926-2 Foundation Model in FOL - a First-Order Logic rendering of the Part 2 model 28 Nov 2019
ISO 15926-2 model extensions - some entity types, like Person, Organization, were not listed in ISO 15926-2 because of space reasons and are added here 25 Sept 2022
ISO 15926-2 cheat sheet - another presentation of the ISO 15926-2 data model, inclusive the proposed extensions thereof 25 Sept 2022
Possible Worlds - how modal logic is avoided, an essential prerequisite for a Digital Twin 26 April 2018
Temporal Parts - a cornerstone of ISO 15926 for life-cycle information integration 25 April 2022
About Cardinalities - The difference in cardinality definition is explained and how this is has been "repaired" 12 April 2022
Ontologies - There are three locations in the ISO 15926 stack where an ontology can be built, as an extension of the two ISO 15926-2 Upper Ontologies 25 April 2022
Templates as ontologies - templates are small ontologies, based on the Upper Ontology defined in ISO 15926-2 - from concept to implementation 25 April 2022
Object Models and the RDL - An example of how to build object models in the RDL (this has not been done so far) 7 Jan 2019
Life cycle of a Class- where a Class is eternal, its applicability is not always that, a way to describe the "life cycle" of a (Part 2) Class 11 Jan 2021
Reference Data
Reference Data - overview - The Reference Data Library, based on ISO 15926-4, stores concepts that are widely used in the user community. 6 Nov 2019
How does pump P-101 fit in? - An example of how the proverbial pump P-101 fits in ISO 15926-2, -4. and -7. 11 Jan 2021
How do Instruments and Controls fit in? - Instrumentation has many functions; this topic shows how this is handled in the RDL (needs rework) 19 July 2020
Templates - an introduction - the concept of templates, as defined in ISO 15926-7 and -8, is discussed briefly 9 Nov 2019
Symbols for graphs - the symbols, as used in the Template Specifications, are explained here. 8 April 2013
Redefinition of the Template Model - a proposal for the replacement of the flawed template model in ISO 15926-8. 8 Feb 2020
Methodology for Template Selection - a decision tree for an SME (Subject Matter Expert) to select the applicable ISO 15926 template. 26 Mar 2015
ISO 15926-7 Proto-templates - Proto-templates provide a layer of abstraction above the relational entity types of ISO 15926-2 by hiding the reified relationships of ISO 15926-2. 14 Nov 2013
Templates for Activity - activity models are used to describe processes and also human activities 11 April 2022
Templates for Documents - a set of templates that cover the many variables related to modeling documents and information 14 Nov 2019
TIPs - Templates of Information Pattern - a TIP helps in directly mapping a data field in a data base table, spreadsheet, intelligent diagram, etc to an ISO 15926-8 exchange file 22 Dec 2018
Process Design - the "cradle" of the plant life cycle. 22 Sept 2022
Plant Life-cycle Model - a "back bone" model of all typical placeholders of plant life-cycle information 10 April 2021
LSN (Life-cycle Stages Network) - a representation of the Plant Life-cycle Model in ISO 15926-7/8 templates. This is, for each plant item, the skeleton for its life-cycle information
21 Aug. 2022
The role of functional objects - the rationale for having them as intended and not as pseudo-physical-objects. 9 July 2017
Functional vs Physical Object - how a physical object gets its function defined. 31 Mar 2019
Document Types and DocumentDefinition - with a DocumentDefinition the required contents type can be defined for one or more Document Types (=ClassOfInformationObject) 1 April 2019
Breakdown Structures - Activity Breakdown Structure (ABS), Function Breakdown Structure (FBS), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS). 9 July 2017
Catalog options - in product catalogs we often see "options" 4 Aug 2021
Equations and Variables - detailed explanation about how an equation for a Unit Operation can be modeled and how data can be linked to variables in that equation. 11 Nov 2018
2D and 3D symbols on documents - a way to represent a document, that contains 2D or 3D symbols, with templates 25 Nov 2014
Temporal parts and Predicates - A mapping where temporal parts involved in user-defined Predicates that are subProperties of standardized Predicates 20 Sept 2022
About Addresses - Some thoughts about addressing plant items 12 April 2022
Mapping of a P&ID - Piping & Instrument Diagrams are the core documents of any plant; the mapping of an example is discussed 26 June 2018
Mapping of a P&ID - Alternative Method - The same example P&ID is mapped to an alternative method described here. 19 Sept 2022
Mapping of a functional design of a control loop - functional design of a control loop is based on instances of FunctionalObject that are indirectly connected by signals. 23 June 2018
Mapping of a Line List - using a number of templates a complete mapping of a Line List has been detailed. 1 June 2019
Mapping of a Line List - Alternative Method - The same example Line List is mapped to an alternative method described here. 19 Sept 2022
Mapping of structured documents - a document model is completely detailed. 12 Sept 2017
The role of the (Asset) Requirements Class - All requirements are classes of which the TAG is a member and of which the implementing real-world EQUIPMENT shall be a member 13 May 2022
Mixing data and documents - this topic gives, at a conceptual level, a solution for the integration of data, that are being mapped, and documents. 25 Oct 2016
Mapping provenance data - this topic shows how meta information can be mapped to object properties in lifted templates or in templates about lowered templates. 15 Oct 2014
Background Information
Part 8 compliance - this topic shows that the implementation of ISO 15926-8, as set forth in the Topics on this website, is in line with same Part 8. 25 Oct 2016
Inverse properties for inheritance and performance - the advantages of adding InverseProperties are being discussed 8 May 2018
Acronyms for Part 2 entity types - although not much in use anymore, here they are for the tenacious few 19 May 2015
Declaring an object - It is mandatory to declare all things, except Literals, in this part of ISO 15926. This is telling how 6 Jan 2020
Data Integration - a way to achieve life-cycle data integration (needs rework) 5 Nov 2019
Effectivity and Deprecation - shows how the beginning and ending of the validity of information is implemented. 8 May 2018
Querying with SPARQL - in this topic a number of queries will be demonstrated. 20 April 2014
Information Sets - sets of templates represent information for a certain purpose, including the information content of a document is some revision 21 Dec 2018
A scenario for Lifecycle Information Integration - the aim of ISO 15926 is "Integration, sharing, exchange, and hand-over of distributed Plant Lifecycle Information."; this topic gives a possible scenario 21 Dec 2018
Validating RDF data with SHACL - A first attempt to apply the new W3C Recommendation "Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)", dated 20 July 2017 to ISO 15926-7/8 data 21 Dec 2018
CFIHOS life-cycle data model - a recommendation for a data model that is easier to map to ISO 15926 10 Mar 2021
CFIHOS Data Model and Reference Data - turned into a data base (needs rework) 27 Mar 2020
Mapping CFIHOS data model -1 - first a rendering to RDF, and from then a mapping to ISO 15927-7/8 templates 30 Jan 2021
Mapping CFIHOS data model-2 - all details for an ETL-based mapping. 16 Feb 2021