CFIHOS Data Model and Reference Data

latest update: 2020-03-27   

What is CFIHOS?

CFIHOS (Capital Facilities Information HandOver Specification) for process industries aims to standardize the specification of project information handover requirements for operators, contractors, and equipment manufacturers and suppliers. The target is the domain of the process industries, including the oil and gas, chemicals and nuclear sectors.

After a start by USPI it now is project JIP36 under the auspices of IOGP (International Association of Oil & Gas Producers).

CFIHOS produced a large set of spreadsheets with a data dictionary of their data model and with reference data. With the exception of the spreadsheets about relationships between reference classes these have been mapped to ISO 15926 and can be accessed at . Below a number of access links with some explanation is given.

The way the CFIHOS Reference Data Library has been set up is as follows:
The latter means that all CFIHOS RDL items are part of the ISO 15926 reference data, where the definitions and the pick-lists remain under CFIHOS control.

It is assumed that for actual data hand-over the contents of the CFIHOS Reference Data Library shall be used exclusively. The contents of the ISO RDL can serve as a reference for further extension of the CFIHOS RDL.

Access links

Here are some useful access links for the contents of the CFIHOS V1.4 spreadsheets:

 CFIHOS Data Model     follows the data dictionary as defined in DM-002 DATA DICTIONARY (full) - version 1.4 ; see here a comparison of attribute names (we use RDF style no-space property names) NOTE - first "Enable Editing" before using the links. 
 Disciplines  considered to be instances of dm:ClassOfFunctionalObject; the group of people in that discipline can be found at
 Document Types and Discipline Document Types
 for a search starting at the high-level document types, then select one for further specializations
 Discipline Document Types required per Class
 still to be done
 Tag or Equipment Class  tag class and equipment class combined into 'tag or equipment class' because of 99% overlap
 Equipment Class as subClassOf Tag Class  still needs to be sorted out, because there is a mismatch with ISO 15926
 Property Set per Tag or Equipment Class
 a more efficient method has been proposed, hold for the outcome ; a proposed split of all properties in property sets is on the next row
 Property Sets (proposed, still non-CFIHOS)  proposed is to group properties contextwise and select a subset from there for each class
 property V1.4 - quantitative property   qualitative property  the list of properties is split in quantitative and qualitative properties.
 Property Pick-lists and Property Value Pick-lists  pick-list of qualitative properties; first select a pick-list and from there its values; treat the Ex values with caution because these were incorrect in the pick-list and now may have a wrong ID
 Units of Measure

 Base Quantities (a.k.a. Unit of Measure Dimension)
 Actually a list of pressure, temperature, etc


Since the CFIHOS reference data aren't given as a taxonomy we had to add some superclasses. In general a data base table is considered to be an instance of dm:ClassOfClassOfInformationRepresentation, and so are its attributes. This also applies to the pick-lists, whereas for the pick-list values we selected the proper mapping to classes in the ISO 15926 RDL, be it as a part of the definition of those values. In the near future a mapping of these values to a (set of) ISO 15926-7 template(s) will be published. We will need to make some browser adaptations for that ontological information.

The definitions/descriptions are verbatim those given by CFIHOS. Where useful we have added a link to further, related, information.

The further RDL data in the CFIHOS spreadsheet columns may also be mapped to templates, although it isn't clear yet whether or not that will make much sense.

We made some improvement proposals to CFIHOS, such as to work with property sets for classes rather than with individual properties per class, and wait the outcome. This is reflected in some holds for now.