ISO 15926-2 Data Model - subtypes of ClassOfArrangedIndividual

latest update: 6 Feb. 2015  


The ONEOF (mutually exclusive '1') constraint on some of the subtypes does not prevent a particular instance of PossibleIndividual from being a member of, say, a particular instance of ClassOfBiologicalMatter AND a member of a particular instance of ClassOfCompositeMaterial. It is only the classes themselves that are not members of more than one of the entity types.

Specifications or descriptions of useful objects are often intersections of several arrangement classes, allowing both shape and material aspects to be constrained. In Part 2 of ISO 15926 such intersections are considered to be members of ClassOfAarrangedIndividual, ClassOfInanimatePhysicalObject, ClassOfOrganism, ClassOfFeature, ClassOfActivity, ClassOfOrganization, or ClassOfInformationObject (shown at the lefthand side)