Document Type and DocumentDefinition

latest update: 2019-04-01    


This topic explains the relation between an instance of ClassOfInformationObject ("document type") and an instance of DocumentDefinition.


The applicable Part 2 definitions are:

  • A ClassOfInformationObject is a ClassOfPhysicalObject whose members are members of zero or more ClassOfInformationRepresentation and of zero or more ClassOfInformationPresentation.
  • A DocumentDefinition is a ClassOfClassOfInformationRepresentation that defines the content and/or structure of documents.

Unfortunately there is no direct relationship between the two. Instead this link is indirect: A ClassOfInformationObject is a subClassOf a ClassOfInformationRepresentation, which is classified with a DocumentDefinition.

We can use the template DefinitionOfRequiredContentsOfClassOfInformationObject to make that link:

This is an actual case of the CFIHOS-defined document type POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS DATASHEET .

When defining that instance of DocumentDefinition itself we use the template ClassifiedDefinitionOfClassOfClass (DocumentDefinition is a subtype of ClassOfClass):

Code Example

For the case of that RDL class POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS DATASHEET the following code could apply, reflecting the use of above templates:


    rdf:type tpl:DefinitionOfRequiredContentsOfClassOfInformationObject ;


    tpl:hasDocumentType rdl:RDS2228081 ; # POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS DATASHEET (can also be a UUID of an actual datasheet)

    tpl:hasContents :d015bea6-7941-48f7-8c9a-b4ae5c6e4e3f ; # this UUID is here useless, but in cases of an actual datasheet it is the placeholder of that data

    tpl:hasContentsType cfihos:71000281 ; # a (yet) fake CFIHOS ID for the applicable instance of DocumentDefinition, made by CFIHOS representing their rules

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2019-04-01T17:23:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .



    rdf:type tpl:ClassifiedDefinitionOfClassOfClass ;

    rdfs:label "Definition of content type of a POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS DATASHEET to CFIHOS rules" ;

    tpl:hasDefined cfihos:71000281 ;

    tpl:valDefinition "A <POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS DATASHEET DEFINITION> is an <ExpressInformationRepresentation> that prescribes the following information to be contained: Generator reactances, resistance and time constants - calculated and tested. - transformer impedances - calculated and tested. - large motor reactances, resistance and time constants." ;

    tpl:valDefinitionType rdl:RDS2229871 ; # RDL DEFINITION IN ASCII AND ENGLISH

    meta:valEffectiveDate "2019-04-01T17:23:00Z"^^xsd:dateTime .


Particular requirements in a local RDL extension

In case a company or an organization wants to define what they want the contents of a particular document type to be, they can do that by defining an instance of DocumentDefinition and store that in their own local RDL extension. It is possible to combine the RDL with one or more RDL extensions by "federating" them. The result is that it seems one RDL. Federation is possible for any project or other exercise.