Part 2 extended data model

Revision log

Date Revision description
2022-09-25 Added ClassOfMatter
2022-09-23 Revised the diagram by proposing the deprecation of ArrangedIndividual, FunctionalPhysicalObject and MaterializedPhysicalObject (see below for rationale) and adding EnumeratedSetOfIndividual
2020-07-24 Removed the first diagram since the link to the topic "How does pump P-101 fit in?" gives a better example.
2019-11-04 Simplified the first diagram
2019-10-07 Added the subtypes of PhysicalObject that are excluded from instantiation, except as top class in its RDL class hierarchy.
2018-09-18 Brought first diagram in line with the Plant Life-cycle Model
2018-05-21 Removed ClassOfEnergy and Energy again, they appear to be Properties.
2018-01-13 Added ClassOfEnergy and Energy, although not everybody has the same answer on the question what it is that a power plant produces.
2017-06-17 The EDM entity types are now stored in the Part 12 lci: ontology ; the top of the hierarchy moved to an instance of ClassOfFunctionalObject (decision by the PCA MRAIL SIG)
2016-11-07 It was deemed better to keep the forgotten entity types separately in a re-instated edm ontology, since correcting Part 2 will not happen soon
2016-09-11 The "forgotten" entity types are added now to Part 2; the "fixed" classes for templates are discussed now in a separate topic
2016-05-19 Part 12 will cover the entity types that were "forgotten" in Part 2 and the "fixed" classes for templates are stored in the tpl ontology.
2016-01-22 Corrected code listing.
2015-12-15 The 'edm' moved back as a separate ontology.
2015-08-24 The 'edm' moved into the 'tpl' ontology.
2015-07-10 Moved the additional entity types to the template (tpl) ontology
2015-06-28 Added the (preliminary) code for the edm ontology
2015-06-21 Changed superclass of ClassOfStream to ClassOfIndividual
2015-02-2 Editoral; added ClassOfStream
2014-10-12 Reflecting the agreements made in MRAIL
2014-02-04 Re-instated the "mirrors" of the dm entity types, because necessary for generic templates.
2014-01-28 Deleted owl:equivalentClass.
2014-01-27 Deleted power sets and Part 2 mirror classes in RDL
2013-12-06 Deleted Option 1; added tables with edm entity types and root classes in the RDL
2013-11-16 Introduced Options 1 and 2 for discussion reasons; reflected proposal for a new top of the RDL.
2013-05-18 Revised the RDF code at the bottom, following the latest version of Declaring an object.
2013-02-24 Revised diagram, added note on distinction between "essential" and "accidental" classification, and added note on "subtype of". Added proposal to extend the Part 2 upper ontology.
2012-08-24 First issue (earlier as Word file)
Re 2022-09-23 - Rationale for proposed deprecations:
ArrangedIndividual - When Matthew West stated that objects with a feature are instances of ArrangedIndividual 99.9% physical objects fall in that category. It is a waste of CPU and storage to keep it.
Functional- and MaterializedPhysicalObject - The adoption of PossibleWorlds made these redundant, because FPO is a PhysicalObject that is a NonActualIndivdual that exists in a Design World, and MPO is a PhysicalObject that is an ActualIndividual that exists in the real world around us.