Mapping of a P&ID

Revision log

Date Revision description
2022-10-12 Removed dm:FunctionalPhysicalObject from code listing
2018-06-26 Editorial corrections
2018-06-10 Removed all ClassifiedIdentificationOfIndividual templates and added rdfs:label
2017-10-12 Minor corrections
2017-06-12 Updated with new RDL classes and completed the instrumentation
2016-10-24 from one type to the one used now
2015-07-07 Adapted the Stream part on the basis of ; revamped the code
2015-04-12 Converted the listing to Turtle
2014-10-20 Changed plant items to instances of dm:FunctionalPhysicalObject, added a graph
2013-01-08 Added a graph
2013-08-20 Updated the RDF file to reflect latest developments.
2012-10-28 Changed the owl files in order to comply with Declaring an object, removed three errors.
2012-08-20 Completed the OWL file for the take-off and that for the RDL extension
2012-08-17 First issue