Nominal Diameter representation

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Nominal Diameter representation

#1 Post by Andrew.Prosser »

For 3.6.0 The NominalDiameter element was updated to meet DEXPI requirements but so far no-one apart from AVEVA is using it. Implementations and the example file are all using a GenericAttribute. Is there a reason for this?? NominalDiameter is an important property that should in my opinion warrant use of its encoding using the NominalDiameter element.

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Re: Nominal Diameter representation

#2 Post by michael.wiedau »

The DEXPI verificator, which is working on DEXPI Specification 0.9, does only verify the generic Attributes according to the DEXPI specification.
If a nominal diameter is given in other attributes than a generic attribute, the verificator does not check those. Because of that, the DEXPI example file only provides the nominal diameter as a generic attribute. If you want to use the native nominal diameter attribute, you are free to do so.

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